An online learning resource that helps women's organisations to

Know the law and how to use it to challenge poor practice ♦ Know your rights ♦ Enable you to recognise when you have a case about a particular issue and can mount a challenge  ♦  Know about best practice and alternatives  ♦ Counter myths on equalities and human rights ♦ Find practical tools for action ♦ Understand steps to success ♦ Build partnerships and alliances ♦ Know where to go for further information



Module 1 / Making sense of Equalities and Human Rights

Module 2 / Women’s Rights and Change

Module 3 / Equality Now!

Module 4 / How to turn OMG! into action

Who is it for?


Women's Organisations

This toolkit is for women working in the women’s sector and on women-only projects. It is a basic and practical guide on how to use equalities and human rights legislation to sustain or instigate relevant services for women or to challenge practice that deepens inequality faced by women. Women in the women’s sector or those working on women-only projects can log on as members to share experiences and views on current issues.

Public Sector

This toolkit provides information and resources in equalities and human rights legislation. People working in the public, private and voluntary sectors, funders, commissioners and decision makers can find useful information and resources in our Open Resources Area. Users, who are not from the women’s sector, will not be given the option to log on to access the private members area.