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Module 4 - Women in control!

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In this module you will learn practical ways to make a difference: how to use the legislation as part of a wider campaign to influence the development of policy and the provision of services. You will also learn about local strategies and ways to use legislation to back your campaign e.g. the Freedom of Information Act and Judicial Reviews. You will find examples of women successfully challenging decision-makers and the real impact this makes in women’s lives.



Module 3 - Equality now!

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In this module you will learn about the Equality Act 2010: key provisions, facts and terms, and how it is relevant to your work and women’s rights. You will also learn about public sector duties including an explanation of “due regard”, about competing rights, different types of discrimination, how to gather evidence to make a case, to develop positive action, and protect necessary women-only services.



Module 2 - Women's rights and change

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In this module you will learn more about human rights: what these rights are and how they can be used to challenge abuse or injustice; categories of rights – absolute, qualified and limited; a history of human rights from the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the European Convention on Human Rights to the UK Human Rights Act. You can find out more about the public sector and human rights; and how to use human rights to mount a challenge, with a case study as an example.


Module 1 - Introduction to the course